Curtains For Living Room | Things You Must be Aware Of!!

Curtains For Living Room

Your living room can look completely different with the choice of the right curtain. These are more than just pieces of fabric in your space because they describe your personality. The right one can make your area feel cozy and give it a trendy look. Here, we will find out how to choose the right curtain on the basics of length, fabric, color, and style.

Keep scrolling to discover curtains for living room to pick the best and learn how they can add comfort and style to your home.

Simple Techniques: Choose the Right Curtains 

1. Determine Your Personal Style | What’s Please Your Eyes

Before buying curtains for your living room, start by considering your style. For instance, if you like a modern and decent look, go for plain or slightly patterned curtains. On the other hand, for fancier and classic, choose luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet in rich colors. You can also add drapes or tassels for extra flair to your curtains. 

For a more patterned vibe, especially if your room has a boho or mixed style, go with colorful and designer curtains. 

2. Pick The Color or  Print | Compliment to the Existing Decor

Contemplate a few simple things when you choose curtain colors for your living room, such as the room’s colors and style. It is advised to go with neutral colors like brown, white, and gray for the classic look, as they go well with everything. Besides, always choose the color for your curtains which are already in the room. 

You can also make a contrast, but make sure they match. For instance, if the room’s walls and furniture are dark, pastel colors are the best choice. If your room is mostly plain and simple, go with designer ones, which help to give a welcoming feel.

3. Find The Proper Length of The Curtain 

Getting the right curtain length is important because it makes your living room look better. Curtains come in different lengths, from floor-length to mid-window. To measure them correctly:

  • Choose how you are going to hang them, like with rods, tracks, or rings. This decides where you start measuring from.
  • Measure from that starting point (like the top of the rod or bottom of the rings) to where you want the curtain to end.
  • Remember to add some extra space vertically if you need brackets or finials.

4. Check The Fabric of The Curtain

  • Silk: Curtains made of silk fabric will make your room more attractive and luxurious. 
  • Cotton: Cotton is one of the common fabrics, and it’s great for a modern look as it comes in a variety of styles.
  • Velvet: You must choose velvet curtains if you want a gloomy room. They are not only cozy but also help in keeping out the light.
  • Linen: Linen fabric is considered airy and floaty. They complement houses with a seaside or Scandinavian theme. 
  • Sheer: If you love natural light, sheer curtains are the perfect choice. They let light in gently while also giving you some privacy.
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