Cloth & Company partners with designer John Robshaw


Some key pieces in the new collection include (from left to right): the Shiza ottoman in Issa Light Indigo; the Tarifa daybed in Poppy Lotus Indigo; the Esra ottoman in Poppy Indigo linen; the Zoha dining chair in Bamana Lapis linen; the Sadia Slipcover chair in Mudetti Indigo linen; the Liba ottoman in Fergana Clay linen and the Kinza screen in Poppy Lotus linen. (Photo by Rachel Robshaw)

NEW YORK – Print-on-demand furniture company Cloth & Company has partnered with textile designer John Robshaw on a new collection of 14 different pieces that are available in 11 prints and solids.

“Years ago, I met Meganne Wecker, founder of Cloth & Company, when we were working on a collaboration for Bloomingdales,” said Robshaw. “She is always on the cutting edge, both in creating bespoke collections as well as pushing the envelope by embracing 3D technologies. Together we built a virtual dream loft featuring our new collection pieces.”

Wecker and Robshaw designed the new collection virtually. They then 3D modeled it for a virtual market audience and turned that into a walkthrough that could be used for retail.

“The speed to market with this collection was wonderful,” Wecker said. “We did everything from design, to rendering, to creating lifestyle images on-site at a fraction of the traditional cost. And, it all could be done in a couple of weeks.”

Wecker said she has always admired Robshaw’s aesthetic and his appreciation for the process and craftsmanship within the industry both here in the U.S. and internationally. He is known for his unique creative process where he blends traditional methods with his own style.

“In my travels to India, I found that I could apply a painterly aesthetic to traditional methods by mixing up patterns and overlapping them in a more formally artistic way,” Robshaw said.

The new collection is centered on the idea of small space living. Wecker and Robshaw worked with tech company ALL3D to build the 3D loft space with that in mind. Working with ALL3D allowed Cloth & Co. to imagine new ways of showcasing collections at a fraction of the cost.

“For this collection, we took a plain loft and really used John’s lens to turn it into a beautiful space,” Wecker said. “We have individual dining chairs that are lined up across the room to look like a Russian tea house. So, there is a lot of print and pattern but still space. “

Some of the key pieces include the Shiza ottoman, the Tarifa daybed, the Esra ottoman, the Zoha dining chair and the Kinza screen. All of the products are available for under $1,000 since the pair wanted the pieces to be accessible to first-time apartment dwellers.


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