Best Snips Tool For Home Maintenance

snips tool

A tin snips tool has a durable handle and blades that are strong enough to cut through tin, aluminium, copper, and even thin gauge stainless steel. If you love DIY, then you need snips. They are ideal for use when trimming and installing ductwork, installing drainpipes and guttering, as well as when working with sheet metal roofing. They are also handy tools to have if you enjoy working with metal to make jewellery or art.

Snip Tools Defined

Snips come in different designs – you can shop straight blades, as well as slanted blades that make it easier to cut at an angle. So, the best snips tool for home maintenance will depend entirely on the project you are tackling. 

The Best Snips for Home Maintenance 

Straight-cut snips feature thick, heavy blades that are typically shorter than the blades of standard scissors. Of course, they are far more powerful than a pair of scissors. They are typically yellow-handled. 

Offset snips are either counter-clockwise or clockwise. If you want to cut in a clockwise direction, then clockwise offset tin snips are the tool you need. They are typically green-handled. And if you’re looking to cut in the opposite direction, you will need counter-clockwise offset tin snips. They are typically red-handled. 

Vertical snips or right-angle snips feature right-angle blades. If you are dealing with a tight space, these are ideal for slipping in with the blades for easy operation. 

The right snips will also depend on the material you are working with. If you are working with metal, then you need to consider its gauge because there are different strengths of snips.

Additionally, some are designed to work with cardboard or textiles rather than with metal. So, look for a set of snips that match your project. 

A serrated blade requires less force, so if you’re working with smooth metal, the serration will easily grip the metal you are working with. This provides you with an easier cut but also prevents slippage while you use your snips.

Consider Comfort 

If you’re cutting a few pieces, you might not be overly concerned about the grip and comfort. However, if you have a lot of work, you need to consider how comfortable the grip is because the work can be exhausting.

Additionally, offset snips are often designed specifically for right-handers. So, for lefties, unless you specifically purchase a left-handed set, you will need to use them in reverse. If you can’t track down left-handers, you can use clockwise snips to do counterclockwise cuts and vice versa. 

Look for a padded grip to provide your hand with plenty of cushioning, which will help absorb impact. Certain snips feature handles with finger indents for greater control. 

Ultimately, the right snips will depend entirely on the work you are doing and the materials you are working with. So, look at the specs before you spend and consider buying more than one type if you expect to be a frequent snip user.

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