Living Room Makeover: A Guide to Stunning Wall Decor for Living Rooms

wall decor for living room

When it comes to decorating your living room, there are endless possibilities. This place of home is intended to impress your guests mainly, so wise decision-making becomes highly crucial. With the right guidance and assistance, you can actually end up creating something worthy of everyone’s praises!

Think of wall decor as a set of well-suited jewelry. You have already got the basic outfit (your living room) ready; all you need is something to complete the look, an embellishment touch!

Wall decor does the same that jewelry does for you, adding depth and visual interest to the outfit. Let’s help you get started with it.

3 Basic Rules of Wall Decor for Living Room

There are three thumb rules when it comes to deciding what kind of wall decor would go well with your living room.  

  • Focus on your overall style. What kind of vibe would you like to give to your room? Make a list of all the ideas you find on the internet, in magazines, or the ones that you have formed in your head. Once you have a well-curated list, it will be much easier to narrow down the best available and suited options.
  • Make sure you keep in mind the size and shape of your walls. Not all your selected decorations will suit the style and shape of your wall. So it is better to pick something that complements the existing style of your living room and its walls.
  • Do not forget to be creative. Creativity is what’s gonna elevate your decor game. Add a few unexpected or unplanned elements to your place, and look at what difference it makes to the overall look of your living room. 

Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room 

Play with Patterns 

Hanging a pretty curtain with different prints and colors can be good to begin with. You can hang it near the seating area, which will add more depth to the place and break up the long and vertical lines of the wall. Also, a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic place won’t hurt. Bonus points if you add beautifully patterned wallpaper on the wall and hang everything on it for an elevated look. 

Go Green

Plants don’t just have to be on your windowsill. Why not add a wall-mounted to your wall for a touch of green and nature to the wall decor for the living room? If you do not want water to touch the walls while you water them, you can also add a few high-quality faux plants, and no one will ever know! This technique is great if you want to add a 3D touch to the place.

Try Open Shelving

Every space in your living room can be functional if you add in built-open shelving with some of your favorite books and novels and a super cozy upholstered bench or table beside the wall. You can even showcase some of your beautiful showpieces, vases, musical instruments, or candles. We are sure it will be an instant conversation starter whenever you have guests over or a cute home date. 

A Touch of Funk 

You can start by adding a retro-inspired lava lamp to infuse a groovy atmosphere. Mix in some eclectic throw pillows with bold patterns and colors that pop. Hang a gallery of abstract art, and don’t forget a quirky, vintage record player. Incorporate a shaggy rug underfoot for texture, and consider a bean bag chair for casual seating. These funky wall decor for living room will breathe life into your living room, making it a fun and lively space that reflects your unique style, all within budget!

A Personal Touch With Heirloom 

A cherished heirloom with a unique story to tell would just be the main character for your living room. Be it your grandmother’s unique antique clock whose chimes can unfold all the happy memories or vintage photographs of your family members from the past generations. Arrange heirloom quilts and cushions on your sofa, each stitch holding a piece of your family’s legacy. By sharing these pieces with a personal touch, your living room becomes a place full of family love and history. 


Creating the perfect and unique wall decor for your living room is a delightful journey that helps you express what you like, your personality, and your style while also keeping in mind that your place feels comfortable and functional. 

Remember that there is no strict rule when it comes to decorating your living room. The most important thing is to make it a space that reflects your unique taste and serves your needs. 

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