8 Best Places to Buy Plants Online


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When your space lacks a certain “je ne sais quoi,” houseplants and indoor trees always fit the bill: They add life to any room, purify your air and boost your mood. And these days, even the most novice decorating eye can indulge in a simple greenery upgrade thanks to easier-than-ever online plant delivery services.

To find out which suppliers have truly honed the art of growing, packing and shipping plants, we ordered houseplants from some of the most popular places you can buy plants online, including online superstores like Amazon, florists such as UrbanStems and houseplant-focused companies like The Sill and Bloomscape. To make our top picks, we evaluated how easy it was to navigate the site and place an order, the customer service and delivery experience, the variety of plants and price points offered, and the appearance of each plant when it arrived. We’ve also included a few places on our list that we have yet to test ourselves, like Horti and Home Depot, but that we felt had impressive online reviews and offerings worth mentioning.

Ready to flex your green thumb? These are the absolute best places to buy plants online in 2022:

Our top picks

  • Best Overall Place to Buy Plants Online: The Sill
  • Best Value Place to Buy Plants Online: Amazon
  • Fastest Online Plant Delivery: UrbanStems
  • Best Place to Buy Plants as Gifts Online: Bloomscape
  • Best Selection of Plants Online: Etsy
  • Best Place to Buy Plants Online if You Like Surprises: The Bouqs Company
  • Best Place to Buy Plant Starter Kits Online: Horti
  • Best Place to Buy Outdoor Plants Online: Home Depot

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Best Overall Place to Buy Plants Online

The Sill

If you’re a houseplant beginner who is just dipping your toe in the gardening waters for the first time, check out The Sill. This site exclusively sells houseplants with the mission of promoting “plant parenthood.” Each new friend comes not only with simple care instructions, but also a one-year guarantee on certain varieties. (Yep, if you kill it, they’ll send you another one.) Prices range from $14 for a small plant to $60 and above for larger specimens in chic pots.

  • Great selection of plant holders
  • Offers pet-friendly plants
  • Plant-matching quiz makes it easy for beginners


Best Value Place to Buy Plants Online


Yes, you can order plants on Amazon. You can find specimens priced as low as $2 on the online superstore, but you’ll get what you pay for. Our pothos arrived in messy packaging and with almost no soil in its plastic pot. But if you’re okay nurturing a stressed plant back to health, Amazon’s garden center is the most cost-effective way to go.

  • Budget-friendly options
  • Large selection of outdoor plants


Fastest Online Plant Delivery


These florists will deliver plants — such as this bird’s nest fern — in as little as two hours in select cities, but UrbanStems also offers free, next-day shipping nationwide. The plants fall on the pricier side ($30 and up), but the display-worthy containers come included in the cost and you’ll ultimately save on delivery.

  • Unique pot holders
  • Offers a range of modern plants


Best Place to Buy Plants as Gifts Online


No plant in our road test was packed more securely than Bloomscape‘s. In addition to cardboard inserts that kept the pot and matching tray in place, a coco fiber mat and a layer of Spanish moss held soil in its container. Our prayer plant arrived already thriving and came with helpful care tips too, so you can feel good about sending these gifts to friends with or without a green thumb. Small plants in pots start at just $39, and shipping is free on all orders over $75.

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  • Cool plant accessories and tools
  • Offers great low-maintenance plants


Best Selection of Plants Online



It’s not just for crafts. Nurseries across the country sell plants via Etsy, meaning you’ll find unique varieties and colors not available on other sites. While the quality can depend on the vendor, our prayer plant from Etsy came in secure packaging with still-damp soil — and at $15, a total bargain.

  • Endless options
  • Great for your starter plant needs


Best Place to Buy Plants Online if You Like Surprises

The Bouqs Company

Our Bouqs plant arrived looking healthy and happy … except the concrete planter held a snake plant instead of the spiky-looking succulent we ordered. While The Bouqs Company disclosed that deliveries “may vary slightly from what is pictured,” it’s a reminder of what can happen when you shop for plants online: You never quite know what you’re going to get!

  • Super stylish plants and plant holders
  • Small, but curated collection


Best Place to Buy Plant Starter Kits Online


Although we’ve yet to test Horti for ourselves, it’s an up-and-coming plant brand that’s designed with new plant parents in mind. Its starter kits and curated plant collection give you a head start on building your own indoor nursery without losing confidence. Plus, Horti offers plant insurance plans that extends support for 3 to 6 months if you have trouble reviving your dead houseplants.

  • Cheap plant insurance
  • Indoor plant bundles make it easy to get started


Best Place to Buy Outdoor Plants Online

Home Depot

Your patio space will thrive with Home Depot’s impressive selection of outdoor perennials and annuals. Shop flowery pops of color or traditional greenery for as low as $4 – plus free delivery. Home Depot’s massive online garden center offers everything you need and more to up your plant game, like garden tools and online plant support. While we haven’t formally tested HD’s offerings yet, an analysis of its online customer reviews reveal satisfied customers and healthy arriving orders.

  • Wide range of plant options
  • In-person garden center

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