64 industry influencers, interior designers give the latest on color trends


WILLMINGTON, Del. – Fixr, an organization that provides cost guides, comparisons and term cheat sheets for hundreds of remodeling, installation and repair projects, reached out to industry influencers and top interior design experts to compile the latest on paint and color trends.

Sixty-four experts contributed their opinion on the top paint and color trends of 2022, including popular interior color palettes, top colors for each room and the most popular wallpaper patterns, among others.

Key trends and findings

  • Sage green is the top choice for both living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Warm neutrals, earthy colors and neutrals with pops of bold colors are the top interior palettes.
  • Textiles will be the most common way to introduce new colors into the home.
  • Green and nature-inspired themes will be the most popular choices for wallpaper this year.
  • The powder room is the most popular place to include wallpaper.
  • White and off-white are the best colors for interiors and exteriors when selling a home.
  • Black is the top color for front doors.

Warm neutrals and earthy tones

When experts were asked to select three interior palettes homeowners are choosing the most in 2022, they selected warm neutrals, earthy tones and neutrals that include pops of bold colors as an accent. Of these, warm neutrals received the most votes with 66%, earthy tones captured 59%, and neutrals with colored accents received 52%.

These palettes are all indicative of the recent change in interiors over the past few years, gray being among the most popular shade for several years. As consumers shift away from that classic gray, they are moving toward warmer tones while keeping things neutral.

Green naturals

fixr colorsNatural green tones have also begun to grow in popularity with seven out of eight companies choosing green as color of the year, the eighth company choosing a shade of brown. Green is considered the color of growth, health, wealth and well-being.

The color is also closely linked to the environment and a focus on being eco-friendly in the home. Couple this with the obvious connection to nature, many homeowners are looking to green as the fresh new shade to focus on this year.


Textiles and paint

fixrWhen asked how people would incorporate new colors into their homes in 2022, 55% felt that textiles would be the most common method, followed by painting a whole room with 42% and wallpapering a room with 39%.

Textiles such as pillows, curtains, rugs, bed linens and throws are all great ways of adding color into the home, especially to incorporate those bold colors that are predicted to be very on trend this year.


Wallpaper patterns

Green or nature-inspired wallpaper, chinoiserie and geometric designs were chosen as the most popular wallpaper patterns for 2022. Wallpaper has begun trending upward in popularity for interior design for the last few years.

Of the most popular patterns, 56% of design specialists chose nature-inspired and green papers as the most popular for 2022. Chinoiseries-inspired patterns tie in well with this, as they can include nature-inspired designs such as mountains, cranes and outdoor landscapes. Geometric patterns took third place with design opportunities for modern spaces and those wanting to include some color without a specific theme or style.

Although wallpaper patterns are important, so is where those patterns are placed. Experts say the most popular place to introduce wallpaper into the home this year will be the powder room. This space received a vote of 88%, with ceilings and dining rooms both receiving a distant second place with 28%.


Different colors for different spaces

The living room was voted to have sage green as its most popular color for the coming year with a vote of 53%, followed by cool off-white (48%) and cream (46%).

Sage green is also the popular choice for bedrooms this year, receiving 48% of the vote. Cream and taupe take second and third place respectively in this area with 38% and 30% of the vote.


Front door color trends

fixrWhen it comes to the color of front doors, 56% of experts answered that they believe black would be popular in the coming year, followed by 36% answering wood tones and 22% answering royal blue.

Black is a color that works well with nearly every shade of home exteriors. It can add a bold contrast to white homes – white being the most popular siding color and the most recommended for those looking to sell their homes – and it can add depth to homes of a wide range of other shades such as green, tan, blue and red.


Each survey participant was selected for their role in the interior design industry based on their work, role in social media and recognition in the industry. The respondents were given a series of multiple choice and open answer questions with percentages shown in the report rounded together and the least-chosen options grouped together and labeled as “other.”



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