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best online plant delivery services

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Whether or not you consider yourself a gardener, house plants can brighten up your space as living decor. And many are easy to care for, even if you’re a bona fide cactus killer. Besides, the benefits of cultivating an indoor garden are hard to ignore. According to NASA, (yes, that NASA!) house plants can actually scrub the air of pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene, as well as recycle carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Plants also release humidity into the air, which can help if the air inside your home gets dried out by your heating and cooling system.

House plants come with psychological benefits too. A study conducted by Texas A&M found that indoor plants create a calming atmosphere in your home or office. Having a leafy friend nearby actually helps with memory, information retention and even accuracy. They’re also a low-risk way to teach kids how to care for a living thing. When you can’t make a trip to the nursery, need some help picking the perfect greenery or just want to diversify your shopping habits, try some of these great online plant delivery services. Many of them offer help choosing the perfect species for your space, since you’ll want to consider elements like light, temperature and the level of care you’re able to dedicate to it. Check with your company of choice before ordering, for updated shipping information, so you know when to watch for your new housemate to arrive.


Best Overall: Bloomscape

Because they ship in boxes that hold the pot in place, you don’t have to worry about your new green babies arriving smushed or spilled. Bloomscape also provides real-time customer support via chat and email if you need help figuring out how to care for them or something goes awry along the way.

Try Bloomscape

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Best for Beginners: The Sill

Working from the motto, “Plants Make People Happy,” The Sill is an online-first company that ships houseplants to people looking for one that suits their space and their style. It even has a “best for beginners” section, to help those who need a little hand-holding figure out what plants will work well for them.

Try The Sill


Best Plant Selection: Plants.com

For a huge selection of green goodies, from hanging plants to succulents, herbs, air plants, holiday florals and even trees, try this straightforward site. You can even shop by size and lighting type, if you have a particular spot that’s just begging for a new leafy pal.

Try Plants.com


Best Succulent Selection: Leaf & Clay

Succulents show up in every other influencer’s photo these days, and with their low-maintenance attitude and array of colors, shapes and sizes, we get it. Leaf & Clay has a huge variety of both familiar and out-there succulents, as well as a subscription box if you want to see your collection grow.

Try Leaf & Clay


Best Subscription: Horti

The Brooklyn-based Horti aims to help urban plant-lovers cultivate any kind of indoor garden that suits their space and skill level. Its subscription boxes can start with hard-to-kill plants and slowly work up to less hardy varietals, as you learn how to help your jungle thrive. New Yorkers can pick up their plants in-store but Horti will ship nationwide.

Try Horti


Best Indoor Garden Kits: Modern Sprout

For those of us with, well, less-than-nurturing plant skills, Modern Sprout can help. They sell plant kits with everything you need to create a garden in your home, no matter how little space you have. Some even live in mason jars, for those with just a corner of counter space to spare.

Try Modern Sprout


Best for Gifting: Lula’s Garden

Lula’s Garden crafts and ships out pretty arranged succulent gardens that make gorgeous gifts. They have a range of options, from petite versions perfect for small spaces all the way up to larger boxes with a bounty of succulent shapes and colors. If you love a low-maintenance plant, these are the ones for you.

Try Lula’s Garden


Best for Pretty Pots: Léon & George

This San Francisco-based plant delivery company has a wide selection of eye-catching plants in beautiful stoneware ceramic pots, so you don’t have to worry about an ugly container interfering with your decor. They also provide lifetime care support, and a 30-day guarantee in case you have trouble adjusting to your new plant-parent lifestyle.

Try Léon & George


Best for Shopping Sustainably: Bouq’s

Shop small businesses even from afar with Bouq’s, a flower and plant delivery service that partners with farmers and local artisans to source their greenery and bouquets. Despite the name, Bouq’s sells both cut floral arrangements and house plants, so you can choose whichever suits your situation.

Try Bouq’s


Best Courier Delivery: UrbanStems

While the brand first made a name for themselves for delivering fresh flowers, UrbanStems also sells plants. While the company only offers bicycle courier delivery in Washington, D.C. and New York City, they will will ship to any physical address nationwide. They also sort their selection by attribute and occasion, so you can find exactly what you want.

Try UrbanStems


Best for Indoor and Outdoor Projects: Nature Hills Nursery

To get the traditional nursery shopping experience without leaving your couch, Nature Hills Nursery has just about every kind of plant you can imagine (and then some). If you need to restock your garden or have a landscaping project to tackle, this giant online nursery probably has the plants you need.

Try Nature Hills


Best for Fake Plants: Terrain

This plant-focused sister brand to Anthropologie has the same aesthetic as the bespoke clothing and decor retailer. It sells both live and fake plants, in addition to garden gear, furniture and decor. So if you want to fake it til you make it in the greenery department, we won’t tell!

Try Terrain

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